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Digital Security for the Work-from-Home Environment


The work-from-home movement has been around for a while, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic boosted it into full swing. Coupled with the advent of digital connectivity and personal tech, remote work is fast becoming an established option in today’s business world.

The problem is everyone is seeing the benefit in this new breed of employee — including hackers. In fact, remote workers have found themselves in the crosshairs of wily hackers, as their home networks and personal devices are often much less secure than company networks.

Things like non secure passwords, clicking on malicious links, and devices that have not had updates and security patches installed can lead to a worst case scenario for the at-home employee — and your business data.

That is why it is critical to allocate appropriate IT resources to help protect your remote staff, including providing appropriate trainings that emphasize the need for proper password protection, multi-factor authentication, and secure connections, among other things.

For many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) this can get difficult. SMBs often have few — or no — IT resources and those they do have may already be overstretched.

For that reason, smart SMBs often turned to a managed services provider (MSP) to help them create and implement a strategy of digital security for the work-from-home environment.

A Document Management Strategy Can Provide Strong Digital Security for the Work-from-Home Environment

At the core of most business processes are documents. Without the right system in place, managing and securing them across a team of employees that are geographically scattered can cause significant security issues and workflow logjams.

Document management software (DMS) can solve these problems and help your remote and in-house teams collaborate and communicate efficiently and securely.

Managing Documents Securely

DMS works by allowing you to efficiently convert paper documents to digital ones that are easily shared among remote teams. Robust DMS solutions give you the power to scan documents and create editable files that work with popular business programs like Word or Excel.

To increase security, files are encrypted, and access controls are applied, including authentication, data loss prevention, and intrusion detection features.

Some even provide a web-based portal that securely connects content with user groups in- and outside of your organization. The information your staff needs is available on- or offline, even with a mobile device.

This is the perfect document solution for connecting teams in an asynchronous manner, so that staff in any time zone have access to the information they need to be productive — any time of the day.

Workflow Automation for Fewer Errors

Document control begins with secure processes and continues to add value to your remote workplace through workflow automation and optimization.

Using document management software that includes rules-based and pull printing options to secure documents even during the print life cycle provides an additional layer of security.

A competent MPS provider will ensure your workflows are protected through advanced security measures like user and printer authentication, app whitelisting and monitoring, sign-in security, and more.

Trust Verity Group for Digital Protection You Can Count On

We understand how difficult it can be for SMBs and enterprise-level organizations alike to adjust to the challenges posed by a remote or hybrid workforce.

Not only do you have to find workable ways to keep clients, colleagues, and teams connected, collaborating, and communicating — you must also ensure that any data exchanged is securely handled.

This can seem like a daunting task if your IT department is small or overworked and your staff is geographically scattered.

That’s why Verity Group offers a suite of managed services programs that specifically cater to businesses that need to find new, efficient ways to communicate while protecting their sensitive data.

We have partnered with industry leaders in print and document security, like PaperCut, Microsoft SharePoint, HPWorkpath, and others to bring you the widest selection of technological tools to choose from.

Our team of experts will assess your business needs and goals and find the perfect combination of tools and programs to best serve your staff — helping you meet your business objectives and ensuring your team and data are well-protected.

Get the tools to take security and productivity to the next level. Contact Verity Group today and learn how our suite of print, IT, and document management services can help keep your remote and in-house data safer.

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