While customer service remains at the core of your business, the need to increase operational efficiencies – while keeping costs in line – is another constant. MPS is a consideration of all costs associated with leasing, owning, managing and using printing and imaging equipment, including maintenance and ongoing support – an element that is of significant importance for banks and other financial institutions with multiple locations or satellite offices.

Unmanaged printing can result in several challenges, resulting in inflated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Fortunately, Verity Group has curated a suite of solutions that offer financial institutions increased productivity, enhanced document security, improved end user experience, workflow automation, proactive service & automated supplies management.


A critical component to MPS is security. If you are in the financial industry, then you are well aware of how important it is to ensure that your customer’s information is secure and compliant. Losing that trust means losing that business. A managed print service program provides the mandatory security that is essential to the banking industry: it can trace a document back to the device it was printed from.

Frustrated end users call the bank’s IT department with printer issues that usually required Network focused IT personnel to spend time traveling to and from branch offices. This is a particular challenge with multiple branch locations.


At Verity Group, our long term partnership with financial institutions, both large and small, have allowed us to arrive at a customized suite of solutions that match with your company’s needs and goals. Our targeted document and print management solutions can cut down on unnecessary print expenditures, manage your files efficiently so important information is always at your fingertips, and provide the kind of security and compliance that clients expect from top-level banks and credit unions.

How Verity Group Can Assist Your Firm in Becoming More Competitive

At Verity Group, we are familiar with the challenges of printing, document and network management, and secure data practices that impact busy financial institutions and can chip away at their competitive advantage. Our extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise helps banks and credit unions comply with complex legal requirements, bolster their security to prevent cyberattacks and protect sensitive information, and expands their performance while maintaining budgetary controls.

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