Hackers are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to access your networks — and your data. In recent years, hackers have been targeting office printers in an effort to get their hands on your sensitive data.

Since almost every business uses a printer, taking advantage of printer vulnerabilities is a great way for hackers to get access to critical information and corporate secrets that they can ransom, sell, or destroy.

In fact, printers employ networking protocols, connected apps, and internet-connected components — all of which represent ways that hackers can get a foothold into data.

The attack surface of office printers — the number of ways hackers can exploit a device or network to break in — is large, giving hackers multiple ways to capture your data or disrupt operations.

Fortunately, Hewlett-Packard (HP), a leader in the print and imaging industry, has developed tried and true protocols for their print devices to help stop hackers in their tracks and give businesses additional peace of mind.

HP — Print Security at Its Best

HP fully understands the vulnerabilities unsecured printers can represent to your data — and your entire business. That is why they have developed a two-pronged approach to keeping your information and your devices safe.

To develop the industry’s leading print security solution, HP combines both device and network strategies to assure powerful protection against cyberattacks.

  1. Security at the Device Level

HP begins their security defense with protection at the device level, managing vulnerabilities from device to data and document output for powerful protection that can detect — and stop — an attack before it begins.

Here are the elements put in place to secure your HP printer from attack:

Boot Code Integrity Guarantee

Your boot code or BIOS gives instructions for firmware initiation. HP ensures this code is validated at each boot cycle to prevent malicious code from executing.

In their Enterprise series printers, HP provides SureStart, the industry’s only BIOS that is self-healing. If compromised, SureStart reboots and loads a “golden copy” of the BIOS to reduce downtime and offer added protection against cyberattack.

Firmware Version Checking

HP whitelists only authentic HP firmware so you know only appropriate firmware is loaded you’re your printer’s memory. If anomalies are detected, your printer will reboot offline and wait for correct firmware to be loaded.

Run-Time Memory Protection

HP embeds features to protect memory when your printer is booted up and connected to the network. If an attack occurs, the device immediately shuts down.

After devices are secured, HP focuses on helping to secure your entire network.

  1. Network-Level Security

HP Security Manager provides a comprehensive printing security solution that helps establish a security policy for your entire printer fleet, ensure compliance with regulations, and streamline your workflows for better data security.

The Security Manager is the industry’s only imaging and printing compliance solution that is policy-based, allowing you to set security configurations and validate settings for every printer in your fleet.

The HP Security Manager provides the following controls:

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Automated monitoring
  • Built-in software validation
  • Upgradeable firmware

These features help secure network endpoints, integrate with your network security such as Microsoft SCCM and Security Incident and Event Management Tools, and ensure your printers are always equipped with the latest security to meet evolving threats head-on.

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