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How Managed Print Services Can Keep Healthcare Businesses Running Smoothly

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There is no denying that the healthcare industry has suffered considerable pressure from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare-based businesses are experiencing high volumes of traffic as more patients than ever are seeking treatment for COVID-19 or other flu-like symptoms.

Now, more than ever, healthcare workers are under scrutiny to keep levels of service high, even as they deal with increased patient loads and the burnout that necessarily accompanies them.

Added to this already dismal picture are increasing budget cuts for public health and related services. In fact, these slashed budgets are a trend as public health department funding has decreased by 16% in the last decade and local health department funding has dropped by 18%, resulting in an associated decrease in the workforce.

With less staff on hand — and overworked — and strapped budgets, healthcare organizations are actively seeking ways to improve their productivity, relieve strain on in-house staff, and reduce or control costs where possible.

The answer? One way to address these very critical needs is by reorganizing one of the most necessary pieces of the healthcare environment — the print infrastructure and processes connected with it.

How to Transform Your Healthcare Organization Using Managed Print Services

Deploying innovative solutions for everyday problems is an essential approach to solving the current healthcare pain points of providing high levels of efficient patient care with limited budgets while using staff to their fullest capacity.

Managed print services (MPS) may seem like an unlikely ally in this objective, but they have much to offer the challenging environment healthcare providers must navigate in order to achieve their objectives.

Challenge 1: Freeing Staff to Do Mission-Critical Work

With nearly 50% of physicians in the United States suffering from burnout related to work, it’s more important than ever for healthcare organizations to pare down staff responsibilities.

Staff should be free to focus on essential work objectives such as providing a high level of patient care rather than tinkering with a printer that is not working correctly, ordering office supplies, or looking up warranty information on a malfunctioning machine.

A managed print program takes these frustrating but necessary tasks off the shoulders of staff, including your in-house IT department, so they can spend their time performing high-value tasks.

Challenge 2: Making Sure Equipment is Working When You Need It

Not only is it frustrating when a printer or copier goes down — it can interfere with patient care and even contribute to medical errors, a common problem in complex healthcare settings.

A managed print program puts the knowledge of highly specialized technicians at your disposal. These individuals will perform routine maintenance to minimize downtime and provide expert troubleshooting and service if a problem arises.

Challenge 3: Keeping Patient Data Secure

Healthcare organizations are held to a number of compliance standards set forth by various federal and state data privacy regulations, chief among them, HIPAA.

To ensure compliance and keep sensitive data secure, a managed print provider will ensure all software and hardware updates and patches are installed as soon as they are released.

In addition, they will provide advanced security, compliance, and oversight. Remote monitoring can flag suspicious activity on devices, protocols such as access control can keep information from being released to unauthorized personnel, and special document management software can further control the security of digital data.

Verity Group — Providing MPS Solutions Targeted to Healthcare Providers

This has been an eventful year for everyone, but no single industry has been impacted as severely as healthcare.

At Verity Group, we appreciate the important work being accomplished by this industry as our first responders, doctors, nurses, technicians, and admin staff work together to keep us safer — and healthy.

That is why we have developed a managed print program specifically targeted to meet the needs and address the challenges faced by this industry.

From security, to reliability, to reducing staff frustration, our suite of MPS tools allows us to cost-effectively address the issues that are affecting your daily operations. With a robust MPS program in your organization, your staff can become more efficient, more productive, more compliant, and more able to make patient care their priority.

Our highly-trained IT and print experts can assess your goals against your current infrastructure, address shortcomings to optimize your processes, and provide full service for your office technology — from installation and maintenance to ongoing monitoring and service.

Ready to shift your healthcare organization into a better position for the upcoming year? Contact Verity Group today and learn how our MPS program can serve you — so you can serve your patients better.

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