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TOSHIBA ELEVATE (Empowering the Art of Personalization)

Elevate unlocks the power of personalization on your MFP by providing customized workflows designed around your business processes for effortless efficiency and simplicity. Elevate is a personalized User Interface for Toshiba MFPs that simplifies both common and sophisticated tasks. Customized to your business needs, this powerfully elegant interface will streamline your document workflow and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Elevate was designed with you in mind

Imagine an MFP tailored for the way your business operates, empowering you to run your business more efficiently. Elevate allows you to do just that, automating multiple steps of common tasks into a single touch operation. It also surfaces many powerful features that user may tend to overlook and brings those to the forefront. No more digging through confusing menus searching for complicated functions. Users can easily access automated custom one-touch functions and newly discovered features quickly and easily. Need to scan to an automated workflow or copy an odd-sized, mixed-original job, the Elevate UI can be customized to make these complicated tasks as simple as the touch of a button. Elevate also helps increase document security by simplifying the process of protecting printed and scanned documents.

Empowered with efficiency

Elevate enables your MFP to become an integral part of daily business operations by integrating with industry leading document workflow and enterprise content management applications. In doing so, the MFP becomes an on-ramp to digital document workflow and boosts productivity by reducing manual and paper intensive processes in the office. And because time is money, reducing the number of steps in a given task translates directly into savings and greater efficiency. Especially when multiplied by the number of employees performing those steps every day.

Customized Help

Elevate not only customizes and automates tasks to help your business run more smoothly, the entire look and feel can be tailored specifically for your company’s branding. So, whatever your industry, whatever your workflow, Elevate enables you to raise your expectations.

• Personalized User Interface

• Tailored for Specific Industries

• One-Step Functions

• Seamless Integration

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The Xerox PrimeLink C9065 / C9070 Printer are built to push print to new levels — from black and white, to color and far beyond. With stunning image quality, tons of new applications and next-level reliability, automation and security, you can trust them to help you get the job done.

They deliver the most adaptable capabilities on the market. Unmatched application flexibility, unsurpassed image quality, professional-grade finishing, enhanced reliability and security, plus advanced tools and automation.

Swap CMYK toners with specialty colors with Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology. Print traditional digital applications with CMYK. Swap out toners for the Xerox Vivid Specialty Toner set to run exciting new applications with shimmering metallics, white, and clear. Or swap for the Xerox Fluorescent Specialty Toner set to create eyestoppingly colorful prints that glow under UV light.

Xerox offers state-of-the-art printer and data security that exceeds industry standards for security features and technology. Security is a top priority for us, and we know it is for your business, too. That’s why every Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device is armed with our holistic approach to security, ensuring comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for all system components and points of vulnerability.

Optimize your workflow and boost your productivity with ConnectKey Apps. Choose from an ever-evolving gallery of apps, delivering everything from cloud connectivity to vertical solutions. All at your fingertips on the control panel.

With the range of feeding and print finishing options available for your Xerox equipment, you can add the capabilities that best suit your job mix and improve your workflow. For instance, digital front ends and other customizable solutions keep more jobs in progress and increase the return on your investments.

PRINT SPEED: Color up to 65 / 70 ppm and BLACK up to 70 / 75 ppm

RESOLUTION with EA-Eco toner is an amazing 2400 x 2400 dpi

RECOMMEND AVERAGE MONTHLY VOLUME of up to 50,000 pages per month

DUTY CYCLE of up to 300,000 pages per month

STANDARD CAPABILITIES include Copy, Print, Scan and eMail

OPTIONAL CAPABILITIES include Fax, Multiple feeding & finishing options, Workflow Apps, Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology


PAPER SOURCES include four, plus the bypass tray

PAPER CAPACITY equals 7, 260 sheets

COLOR Types include Xerox Vivid Toner Kit and Xerox Fluorescent Toner Kit

OPTIONS INCLUDE 500 sheet Offsetting Output, Business Ready Finisher, Production Ready Finisher, Production Ready Finisher Plus, Booklet Maker, Xerox Basic Hole Punch, GBC Advanced PunchPro Hole Punch, Convenience Stapler, and three options of Fiery Print Servers.

Both devices are Common Criteria ISO 15408 Certified and Energy Star Certified.

SHAREPOINT (Collaboration Within Microsoft 365)

Verity Group is a user of Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint. Team collaboration requires a solid set of tools and Verity Group is building a program to help current Microsoft 365 users incorporate the value and features set of Microsoft SharePoint into their everyday collaborative environment. Perhaps no other application epitomizes this philosophy more than SharePoint.

Helping employees to seamlessly connect and communicate can provide the support they need to brainstorm innovative ideas.Cloud-based tools increase convenience, but for this company, they also changed how team members worked together to find new ways to tackle customer needs.

For many enterprises, team collaboration is the engine that powers innovation. Bringing together different perspectives and a diversity of experiences, collaboration can spark new products, new services, and new ways to drive revenues and increase profits. Not only that, cooperation and collaboration can be a force in motivating workforce productivity–in general, a win-win for all concerned.

However, effective and efficient collaboration requires the deployment of tools, platforms, and systems that make working together for a common goal easy and effective. Over the past few years, Microsoft Office 365 has been redesigned to emphasize team collaboration by incorporating cloud computing into every application. Perhaps no other application epitomizes this philosophy more than Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint, especially when deployed as part of Office 365, creates a virtual workspace where teams can meet, collaborate, and complete tasks. The key to SharePoint’s success within an enterprise is that any employee can create and maintain a SharePoint instance and then designate which team members can join. The busy enterprise IT department doesn’t have to get involved.

To illustrate some of the benefits of SharePoint in a modern enterprise setting, here are five ways the application can help teams collaborate.


One of the primary features of Microsoft SharePoint is its exclusivity. In general, unless purposely restricted by an admin, any employee can create a SharePoint instance. Once it’s created, that employee becomes the admin of that instance, deciding who can participate, what access each participant will be allowed, and how long the SharePoint instance will exist. Only members specifically designated and authorized can access the documents located on their particular SharePoint server. This gives employees the flexibility to have SharePoint instances for teams, departments, divisions, the entire enterprise, or even just for themselves as an individual. It also allows team leaders to adjust access to the server depending on the flow of the work.


Once an instance is created, SharePoint becomes the central virtual location where team members can meet. Not only are shared documents stored there, but team members can chat, video conference with Skype, set up and complete tasks, and compare calendars. Members can even exchange email that’s exclusive to the SharePoint server. With the addition of the updated mobile app, SharePoint’s collaboration team meeting space is available to members as they travel. The shared space means that team members are never that far away, regardless of where they are currently located.


SharePoint storage uses the same synchronization protocols as Microsoft OneDrive, so every document, and every edit of a document, is saved instantaneously and continuously to the cloud. From there, the update is propagated to all devices and workstations connected to the network, keeping every team member up to date at all times. Beyond storage, Microsoft 365 documents stored on a SharePoint server allow more than one team member to access, edit, and annotate a document simultaneously. Team members can collaborate to formulate the document by breaking down tasks or sections, and SharePoint will cohesively stitch together a complete document on the fly as they work.


In many situations, collaborative teams are formed with a specific goal in mind–create a new product, develop a new app, figure out a new more efficient way to work, etc. To accomplish this goal, team members may be asked to perform specific tasks. With SharePoint, the team leader has the tools necessary to set up individual tasks and then assign those tasks to team members. Team members can see what tasks they need to perform, as well as the tasks other members will perform. Efficient and effective collaboration often requires that members know how their assigned task relates to other tasks. More often than not, Task B can’t be started until Task A is completed. SharePoint can reveal those dependent relationships to the entire team.


Without a doubt, SharePoint is most effective as a collaborative tool when it is coupled with Microsoft 365. The productivity suite adds applications that simplify and enhance the collaborative ability of an enterprise team. Teams can share a calendar to help plan their workload, use OneNote to document progress, and use Yammer to chat with members no matter where they are or what device they are using. Microsoft 365 gives collaborative teams access to presentation tools like PowerPoint and Sway, scheduling through Bookings, and advanced collaborative tools through Microsoft Teams. Other smaller apps like Delve and Stream could also come into play, especially when the project is complete, and the team must present its findings or accomplishments to a wider audience.

In you use Microsoft 365 and want to learn how Sharepoint can help you collaborate… contact us today.


Verity Group is a member and supporter of NFIB


NFIB is the voice of small business, advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent business owners, both in Washington, D.C., and in all 50 state capitals. NFIB is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and member-driven. Since our founding in 1943, NFIB has been exclusively dedicated to small and independent businesses, and remains so today. NFIB was founded by C. Wilson Harder in 1943 and maintained its headquarters in San Mateo, California, until 1992 when it was relocated to Nashville,TN. Harder began with a home office and sold the first memberships to his neighbors. His vision was to give small and independent business a voice in governmental decision-making through advocacy. Since its early history, NFIB’s agenda has been determined through a one-vote balloting process of its membership. NFIB has grown from Harder’s for-profit entrepreneurial vision in 1943 to the non-profit national association it is today.


1. ADVOCATE – When a big issue affects small and independent businesses, NFIB is there. They have been for over 75 years, and we will continue to be. They represent our members’ interests—our one member, one vote balloting process guides their work.NFIB has an ear to the ground on what’s happening in Washington, D.C., and the state capitals. That puts NFIB at the forefront of advocating on today’s most pressing small business issues, such as taxes, healthcare, and regulations.

2. INFLUENCE – When NFIB speaks, legislators listen. They know that we bring them the voice of small business. That voice, hundreds of thousands strong, comes directly from NFIB’s members and our research—combined, they make a powerful and influential case for our advocacy. Because of NFIB’s credibility, we are asked to bring the small business perspective to Congress, state capitals, the courts, and the media.

3. BENEFITS – NFIB works with trusted providers to offer quality products and services that can save your business time and money.

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