While the move to digital transformation has been a buzzword in industry in recent years, there is a new trend in consumer and business behavior that is leading headlines in 2020 — sustainability.

Not only are businesses finding ways to live more lightly on the planet, from adopting circular supply chains to adopting eco-friendly practices in day-to-day work, but consumers are showing a definite preference for businesses that embrace sustainability.

In fact, according to Nielsen, the sustainability market is on target to break $150 million in sales by 2021. But don’t worry if your actual product isn’t a sustainable one — consumers want to see businesses acting in a responsible and caring way toward our environment, too.

Nearly half of consumers in the United States state they would change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact — and the way they are spending their money shows they expect businesses to mirror these values.

Now, a global technology platform known as PrintReleaf Exchange is making it simple for businesses to champion sustainability doing something they do every day — printing.

How PrintReleaf Helps Boost Your Company’s Sustainability Profile

PrintReleaf is focused on reforestation efforts in at-risk forests around the globe. They currently sponsor projects in:

  • Ireland
  • India
  • Dominican Republic
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • United States

Not only do these forestry projects help renew and restore forests to offset paper consumption, they provide jobs that help sustain the local economies in which they operate.

PrintReleaf makes it almost effortless to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in the health of our planet through sponsoring reforestation efforts.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Effortless Data Collection

The PrintReleaf Exchange software platform integrates seamlessly with other software applications through providers of managed print services (MPS) and printer monitoring companies. Theirs is a cloud-based platform, so there is nothing to install on your network.

PrintReleaf then collects data on the number of pages your company prints daily — there is nothing more you need to do, as data is automatically transmitted.

Since PrintReleaf understands the focus on cybersecurity for today’s businesses, they provide robust security protocols including SSL, HTTPS, SSH data transmission, and HMAC authentication to protect your — and your clients’ — data.

  1. From Data to Trees

Your paper consumption data is collected, and a paper footprint is calculated considering an aggregate total of your paper consumption across all devices over a period of time. At the end of every month, your cumulative paper footprint can be applied to the reforestation projects of your choice.

Through this system, PrintReleaf guarantees that for every 8,333 sheets of standard letter-sized paper printed by your company, one tree is planted. Planted trees are strong, already thriving specimens that are approximately 40’ high with a 7” diameter.

This standard is accepted as an industry standard by the Environmental Paper Network.

  1. Beyond the Planting

PrintReleaf is serious about what they do, so they offer two-phased certification, both organizational and project. The PrintReleaf organization and projects are audited by a third-party organization to ensure proper practices are upheld.

Forestry projects are required to meet minimum requirements for forestry standards including 100% net tree survivability rates and quantitative planting requirements. Oversight fully ensures that 100% of your paper consumption is certified reforested.

Verity Group Makes it Easy to Be Sustainable through a PrintReleaf Partnership

At Verity Group, we believe in the power of business to make a positive change in our planet. And we understand the definitive advantage a sustainability policy can make for our clients — not just in business, but by reaping the benefits of a healthier environment.

That’s why we’ve partnered with PrintReleaf to bring easy, seamless sustainability options right to your door. As a PrintReleaf partner, we have access to the automated, cloud-based software that can easily calculate your paper footprint and allow your company to start participating in reforestation efforts right away.

There is really nothing for you to do other than watch your forests grow and thrive. You’ll get a PrintReleaf certificate of verification to display on your website that tracks progress and shows how your company is contributing to global reforestation. The program provides integrations with social media so you can share your progress with customers and partners.

Reap the benefits sustainability can bring to our planet — and your business. Contact Verity Group today and learn how your company can start a sustainability program based on reforestation through PrintReleaf.