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The adverse economic environment caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a flurry of activity from hackers.

While some of these attacks focus on phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, and other intrusion tactics, many of them have focused their activities on a much-overlooked yet ubiquitous piece of office technology — the office printer.

Recently, a global attack on over 150,000 printers was launched after a hacker developed an automatic script to scan the web for devices running with specific protocols. He then sent specific print jobs to these devices, warning owners that their printer was compromised.

Fortunately, this hacker was using his skills to disclose printer vulnerabilities in 26 major printer brands — but he could just as easily use these same techniques to wreak havoc and destruction.

Teams of researchers continued this pattern, hijacking unsecured printers and exposing widespread vulnerabilities that hackers can use to exfiltrate data, turn printers into botnets, or download malware.

For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise level organizations, banks of unsecured printers represent a significant security weakness that can allow cybercriminals inroads to your sensitive information and critical data.

That is why manufacturers of printers and multifunction print devices (MFPs) such as Toshiba have doubled down on security features to provide outstanding compliance and reliable security in an increasingly vulnerable world.

How Toshiba is Changing the Face of Print Security Solutions

Industry leader Toshiba is addressing security concerns by developing a host of print security solutions designed to keep business data safe from hackers and companies in compliance with government data privacy regulations such as FERPA, SOX, eDiscovery, and HIPAA.

Security for Devices

Toshiba devices — both printers and MFPs — come with standard security measures such as Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology that allows for secure erasure of data during system power-down or when an SED Hard Drive is removed.

For extra security, this disk is cleared of information after each job so that unauthorized users have no window of time within which to grab sensitive data. Toshiba MFPs and network printers are additionally secured with protection from scanning and attacks, authentication support, and IP security over a larger range of IP addresses.

Access Control

Access control keeps unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data. Toshiba’s access security functions provide controlled access at the device or through a desktop in ways that don’t inconvenience users.

Department codes, usage limitations, strong passwords, log-on attempt limitation, and SmartCard authentication are all features that provide additional security.

Print Document Security

You want security for not just your print devices, but also the information processed through them at the document level. Toshiba provides document lifecycle security beginning at document capture points such as computer, USBs, emails, or web data — right at the printer.

Once data is captured, it is secured at the MFP or printer using multilevel encryption and other protection policies.

Finally, Toshiba provides a host of tools, verifications, restrictions, and more to guarantee secure release through any method — scanning, faxing, printing, or copying.

Security for Your Whole Fleet

No matter whether you have two, twenty, or 200 devices, Toshiba provides an e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (eCC) fleet security system that manages data concerns using a cloud-based application. Using eCC, you can centralize and manage security policies remotely on your entire fleet of Toshiba devices for better visibility and peace of mind.

Finally, Verity Group removes all critical data through a hard-drive scrubbing process at the end of equipment — or lease — life to ensure sensitive information is removed before devices leave your office.

Verity Group Can Help You Access Superior Print Security

In our increasingly vulnerable world, having access to cutting-edge security for your print devices and MFPs is invaluable.

At Verity Group, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers like Toshiba to bring our clients award-winning print security solutions that will help keep your data safer throughout its lifecycle.

Not only does Toshiba offer groundbreaking new security protocols, but their solutions — such as the e-BRIDGE— can also help your business become more efficient, optimizing workflows without adding to your infrastructure.

Our partnership with Toshiba means we have Toshiba-trained experts that can help you configure, streamline, and secure your printer fleet for enhanced day-to-day operations and superior security across the board.

Get the power of Toshiba’s superior print security solutions. Contact Verity Group today and learn how a Toshiba-based printer or MFP fleet can add value, efficiency, and security to your business processes.

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