Upgrading office equipment can be a big decision. The cost and time spent on introducing new equipment is something every business has to consider before making a decision. Of course, maintaining old equipment can prove just as costly with maintenance, repairs, and the expenses associated with operating older, inefficient office equipment.


Luckily, HP has introduced a program to help business make the leap to a newer, more efficient fleet. The limited time HP Refresh and Recycle program takes some of the cost and stress out of the typical upgrade process while putting the latest, most efficient technology into the hands of businesses and their employees.

What is the HP Refresh and Recycle Program?

Simply put, the Refresh and Recycle program gives businesses the opportunity to update to the latest HP technology while ensuring their old fleet is recycled responsibly, easily, and affordably. Until October 31, businesses that purchase a qualifying HP Laserjet or PageWide device will be eligible for free shipping and recycling of their old devices. This means no shipping costs, no trips to the recycling center, and no recycling costs for dropping off old technology.


The process is incredibly easy. After upgrading and implementing the new equipment, Verity Group will help the business fill out the online form within 30-days of purchase, then Verity Group will pack up the devices to be recycled for free shipping to HP.

Why Update and Recycle Now?

There are several reasons businesses should consider updating their aging printer fleet in favor of more modern devices.


One of the obvious reasons is to take advantage of new technology and features. Like any piece of technology, printers are constantly advancing. This could mean improved efficiency, security, reduced maintenance costs, better document storage and sharing, as well as any number of other valuable features that can save time and money.


Speaking of saving money; new printer fleets offer greater energy efficiency than older models. As businesses increasingly look to reduce their environmental footprint and lower costs, energy efficiency is becoming much more important.


The free, hassle-free shipping and recycling of old devices is the cherry on top. In many cases, this process can cost time and money for businesses when they update their printer fleet. Even businesses that take the time to recycle their own devices by dropping them off at an e-waste recycling facility may have to pay a fee in order to have their devices recycled. The HP Refresh and Recycle offer helps eliminate those additional expenses that can sometimes come as a surprise for businesses when they make the decision to upgrade their office equipment.

The Importance of Reducing E-Waste

E-waste refers to old, discarded electronics and it’s a modern problem that only continues to grow in magnitude. In fact, it’s estimated that the world will generate 57 million tons of e-waste in 2021. This waste does not break down easily and, in some cases, can introduce toxic chemicals into the environment. Improper disposal of e-waste isn’t just typical littering; it’s a public health hazard.


Plus, even though a device may be outdated or even non-working, it can still prove to be useful when manufacturing new, modern devices. Many electronics contain important metals like gold, copper, and silver. These materials can be difficult and costly to mine. By recycling old electronics, their components can be broken down and used to help build the next generation of electronics.

Upgrading Made Easy

Upgrading a printer fleet has never been easier or more environmentally friendly thanks to the HP Refresh and Recycle offer. In 3 simple steps, businesses can make the leap to better technology and feel good about the choice to do so:


  1. Purchase a qualifying HP Laserjet or PageWide device from Verity Group
  2. Complete the online form within 30-days of purchase and Verity Group will take care of the rest

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer to upgrade your printer fleet. To learn more about the qualifying equipment or the HP Refresh and Recycle program, contact the office equipment specialists at Verity Group today. Remember, this offer is only available until October 31st.