Copy Machine Rental Program

Print as a Service is a great alternative to leasing or purchasing.

Only pay for what you print!

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What is Print-as-a-Service? Its an alternative to purchasing or leasing with a low monthly rental rate and competitive True billed cost per page. You only pay for what you print. No long-term contracts, cancel anytime with no cancellation fees. Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) supplies and Verity Group’s unparalleled service. The equipment and supplies sit on our balance sheet, not yours.

Low Monthly Rental | Cancel Anytime | No Cancellation Fees | No Hassles

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Ask about our True Solutions Program!

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Copy Machine Rental Program, and Printing & Imaging equipment rental in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

How Print as a Service Works

There is no longer a need to pay in full for a new device or get stuck in a multi-year lease. You receive a used printer, copy machine, or multi-function printing device(s) that is suited to your needs at the time of your agreement. You are able to upgrade as your needs change without the worry or hassle. In short, we match your needs with the perfect print device for your needs, provide OEM supplies, and top it off with Verity Group’s unsurpassed technical services.