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Using Remote Monitoring for More Powerful Print Management

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In the 21st century, remote monitoring is a powerful tool to gain insight and benefits across a wide variety of applications — from patient monitoring scenarios and remote worker productivity assessments to the remote monitoring of the print environment.

While the monitoring of individuals — for work or for health purposes — often gives people pause, remotely monitoring your print environment is essential for both cost reduction and protection, particularly during these uncertain times.

Cybercrime is up by 400% according the to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), with hackers taking aim at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as they look for new ways to access critical data.

Smart business owners are turning to managed print services (MPS) providers to help head off data breaches, tighten up print security, and manage escalating print costs.

Rather than being intrusive, the remote monitoring capabilities available through a print management program puts a powerful, transformative tool within reach of any business — large or small.

Only Pay for what you Print with Remote Monitoring Tools Like Verity Group’s Print Management System

The business print environment has always been notoriously difficult for companies to manage since tracking costs can be difficult across departments and printer use and abuse is hard to spot and control.

And now that hackers are targeting office printers as a way to get control of your company’s sensitive information, the need for security and control at all levels is imperative.

Fortunately, there are innovative products that can both track and analyze your organization’s print usage for better cost control and to provide a more secure print environment for better compliance, reduced liability, and increased peace of mind.

Reducing Print Spend Through Monitoring

Verity Group can help to reduce print spend across the board by using a number of intuitive and friendly tools that are built right into the software.

For example, you can set and implement money-saving print policies by using pop-ups. These pop-ups are friendly reminders that can encourage your employees to print their jobs in grayscale or duplex modes where possible.

Verity Group can also help cut down on the number of uncollected print jobs — which are up to 12% of your total print spend — with the Secure Print Release features that only prints jobs when the authorized person is there to collect them.

Finally, the overall monitoring of printer usage gives you full transparency, unlocking in-depth statistics that can help you produce effective print policies, streamline workflows, optimize your printer fleet, and get visibility on areas of concern.

Remote Monitoring Activity for Better Print Security and System Health

Verity Group monitors your print environment across the entire lifecycle of a document, providing access control before documents go to print, secure release of print jobs during the printing process, and even watermarking for security after the document leaves the printer.

These features allow you to secure your print infrastructure, workflows, and output — your entire print environment.

Additionally, Verity Group can provide a System Health Interface that provides advanced monitoring tools to keep systems running at peak productivity. This interface can monitor real-time activity, trigger alarms for print outages, and identify suspicious changes in print behavior.

Let Verity Group Help Protect Your Print Environment

We know that it is often difficult for SMBs to keep up with rapidly changing technologies, as they often have a small IT department that is overburdened — or they have no IT staff at all.

That’s why Verity Group provides a managed print services portfolio that can help any size business keep up with evolving threats and exciting changes in technology that can help optimize workflows and save money. Included in the standard managed print engagement is a security assessment, proactive repairs, automatic supplies fulfilment, and true billing.

Our partnership with industry-leading print and document solutions providers means we can provide the highest level of print security and cost control to our clients, ensuring not only compliance and peace of mind, but a healthier bottom line.

Our IT experts can assess your current print infrastructure and, with a deep understanding of your organization’s needs and challenges, can design a print environment to meet all your business objectives.

Using cutting-edge tools and software, our team can provide the kind of monitoring that is instrumental in reducing the possibility of data breaches and other cyberattacks and ensuring your print environment is operating cost-effectively.

Put the power of MPS to use in your business. Contact Verity Group today and learn how remote monitoring can improve the financial and productive health of your print environment.

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