Document solutions and management is becoming an increasingly important area of focus for many businesses. With the COVID-19 pandemic and many businesses moving to a work from home or hybrid working model, this has become an even more important challenge for businesses to tackle.


There are a number of solutions out there for businesses looking to streamline and improve document management but, in many cases, the solutions are cumbersome or fail to integrate with systems and programs already implemented. Microsoft SharePoint aims to seamlessly bring together documents and collaborators for an improved experience that’s built for the modern workplace.


With Microsoft SharePoint, employees can work together more efficiently than ever before, improve time consuming workflows, modernize business processes, and take complete control over document creation and sharing. Best of all, it integrates with Microsoft Office to offer a familiar and easy-to-use solution for everyone.

The Document Management Challenge

Document management has always been a challenge for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Some files may be stored on local computers, others may be available on a network drive, and management of these files is often left up to individual employees as they work together and collaborate. The result of this is a document management system that lacks uniformity, flexibility, and may even fall short of legal requirements.


Plus, with no established document management system, businesses are often forced to develop inefficient workflows that drain the valuable time and energy of employees. The more time employees have to spend on document management, the less time they have to focus on the areas of their job where their hard work can actually make a difference to the bottom line.

Communicating and Collaborating with SharePoint

SharePoint enables businesses and departments within to create central hubs that can be loaded with information, news, updates, and more for better employee communication and collaboration. This improved method of communication can help reduce the number one time wasting activity according to surveys: meetings.


Of course, it’s not all about cancelling the boardroom booking. A central hub can be helpful for training new employees and empowering staff to quickly and efficiently find the information or files they need from one central place.

Take Control Over Document Management

In many businesses, document management is like the old west. Many people may operate by their own set of rules. This can drastically reduce efficiency and may even open up the business to legal challenges down the road. With SharePoint, specific rules can be set for the creation and management of documents. This can be done by assigning specific roles to employees, plan organization of documents for easy searching, creating policies like how long a document must be retained, and even planning how a document moves through organizational workflows.


With improved file sharing and integration with Microsoft Teams, employees can work together at the same time to complete their work. Changes can automatically sync to team members and version history is retained for review, if needed. SharePoint offers a wide range of document solutions for all needs.

Better Data, Better Decisions

SharePoint is as smart as it is powerful. With analysis tools, businesses can see who is using what documents on a regular basis. This is helpful information that can ultimately help lead to the creation of better workflows. For example, if employees are accessing a document multiple times per day to complete a manual workflow process, that data can be used to find a new solution. Perhaps an easy-to-use digital form can save time and effort to increase efficiency.


Empower Employees Everywhere

Not all work is done in the workplace. Mobile staff and remote employees have the same needs as people working from a physical office location. SharePoint empowers these employees to do their best work no matter where they are or what device they may be using.


OneDrive integration allows employees to access the files they need to use or edit right from the cloud. This can be done on Windows, Mac, or mobile devices. For some businesses, that means sales staff can spend more time on the road in front of customers while, for others, it may mean staff can enjoy the benefits of flexible, remote work.


Experience SharePoint Today

Simply put, SharePoint brings employees and teams together. With improved efficiency, better document management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced collaboration; businesses can truly harness the power of their workforce.


To learn more about SharePoint and how it can integrate with your business, contact the business technology experts at Verity Group today.