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2020 has been a terrible year and good riddance! Everything in business has changed and, I am told, will never return to the way it was. To some degree I believe that to be true. Many ways of doing business will come back, maybe modified, but come back they will. The only thing that stays the same is nothing stays the same.

Back in the day (old guy talk), we proclaimed our presence using the Yellow Pages. Sales reps would walk into businesses “cold” to introduce themselves, gather information on who the decision maker was and then try to call on a land line phone. They would ask for a face to face meeting to attempt to establish a relationship and introduce our products and services. Clients would look up our Yellow Page ad to confirm we were who we said we were. The ads were very expensive and published once a year. Often a company would name its business in a way to garner first position in the Yellow Pages, i.e. AAA Services.   We named ourselves as a description of the way we do business: “Verity Group” from the Latin “veritas,” meaning to tell the truth, alphabetically forcing us to go with big, colorful ads.

Somewhere in the mid-nineties the Yellow Pages quit working. We discovered a new tool, “The Internet.” We set about creating our own ad, describing our services with a “web page” instead of a “yellow page.” Sales reps used the same MO of cold calls and phone calls and added “email,” to get in front of clients and build relationships face to face.

Now we are engaged in a great pandemic, testing whether this business or any business so conceived and so dedicated can long endure (plagiarized from the Gettysburg Address). We have met on the ashes of the old way of doing business to perform with the new normal, that is with video email, zoom and teams’ meetings using our VoIP and cell phones and attempting to establish virtual relationships in a touchless, safely distanced, hand sanitized and masked way.

Please take a moment to view our videos, consider our offerings and be open to a new relationship. We are Verity Group, and we are in the document business. Our logo is of a document going digital. We help businesses save money and time by being your outsourced partner, helping you by managing your document infrastructure. This includes printers and multifunction devices as the on ramp and off ramp to the cloud by providing them, securing them, supplying and servicing them, advising you on the correct number of them, providing the tools to control them and storing and retrieving documents from them. We will help keep your business on wheels with remote workers and keep you in compliance with government regulations.

We are a 32-year-old small veteran owned business located in Richardson, Texas, servicing the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with the ability to serve nationwide. We are a member of the National Federation of Independent Business reminding you to please Buy Local.

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